KONG Easy Treat Peanut butter

KONG Easy Treat Peanut butter

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* Simple to dispense – makes stuffing a KONG® easy!
* Peanut butter flavor is irresistible to most dogs
* Stuff to extend playtime
* Made in the USA

KONG® Easy Treat™ makes KONG stuffing easy. Simply apply the tasty paste to the inside of a KONG toy or grooves of a KONG dental toy.

Contains milk, water, soybean oil, whey, sodium phosphate, whey protein concentrate, salt, carrageenan, sodium citrate, milk protein concentrate, glucono-delta-lactone, sorbic acid (preservative), lactic acid, caramel color, paprika and annatto extracts (color), dried lactobacillus lactis fermentation product, rennet and artificial peanut butter flavoring. Guaranteed analysis: min 6% crude protein, min 18% crude fat, max 1% crude fiber, max 54% moisture and max 7% ash.

Directions: Apply a small amount to inside surface of KONG toy. Hold toy with the large hole upright. Place index finger on nozzle, turn can upside down at a 45° angle, insert nozzle into toy and press carefully for one to two seconds. Some KONG toys have outside grooves that may be filled with a small amount of Easy Treat™. The delicious flavor of Easy Treat is concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

Made in the USA.

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