Shapley's No. 1 Light Oil

Shapley's No. 1 Light Oil

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Highlighter.  Before you step into the show ring, you can highlight your horse’s face and nose with a gentle rub of No. 1 Light Oil.  


-Detangler.  For wind knots, crazy tails, and unruly manes.  The Light Oil will leave a bit of a residue, so dirt may stick.  But, if you have a major detangling mess on your hands the Light Oil will make fast work of it.  It’s easily rinsed out with some Hi Shine Shampoo.  


-Shedding hair collector.  Spritz your horse with No. 1 Light Oil and then rub your horse down with a towel.  This contains most of the shedding hairs, which means less to sweep, less to sneeze about, less to get stuck on your lip gloss.


-Prevent blanket rubs with a light coating before blankets are put on. 


-Shine maker.  Use No. 1 Light Oil with a spray nozzle to spritz on a light mist of shine.  You can follow with a brush.  


-Create luster and sheen on manes and tails.  Use that same spray nozzle to apply a tiny amount to manes and tails, the No. 1 Light Oil makes the hair light up.  Only a tiny bit is needed!


-Protect your show ring tail extensions.  No. 1 Light Oil is a great conditioner, and you can use it on your horse’s tail extensions to preserve and condition the hairs. 


-Use with tail braids and tail bags for a deep conditioning effect, much like oil treatments for your own hair!  


-Snowball repellent for winter.  A coating of No. 1 Light Oil on your horse’s hoof sole helps hooves stay clear of the dreaded snowball pack.